We believe that worship is not a genre of music. It is a posture we choose to and were created to take. It is a posture of thankfulness and deep respect. It is how we position ourselves before a God who not only created us and the world around us, but a God who is deeply in love with His creation. Worship is central to all we do at YVV and is reflected in our many expressions including dance, art and song.

Our Sunday mornings are composed of a fun, joyous and communal expression of worship. We admire all music from beautiful, old hymns or modern tracks from Vineyard, Hillsong or Bethel. If it is leading our people into a deeper connection with God, then we will not only sing it, we will shout it!

What are we Creating?

Yarra Valley Vineyard Sounds

We plan on having some of our own recordings from YVV songwriters eventually!

Australian Vineyard Sounds

‘Jesus, Lead Me On’ is an Australian Vineyard Worship Project released by our Vineyard family up north. It is an amazing collaboration featuring some of our own Victorian worshippers!

Go to  www.vineyardworshipaustralia.bandcamp.com to stream or buy the digital album of four songs.

What are we Saying?

Our ‘This Is Us’ Sunday message series gave us a chance to take a deeper dive into ‘Worship As A Core Value’.

Part 1 was brought to us by our long time friends Lex & Paul Buckley on the 23 June 2019 and wonderfully frames what a lifestyle of worship looks like.

Part 2 saw a couple of our amazing worship leaders, Brad & Monica and our fearless dancer Marlene share life and wisdom on a panel designed to explore why worship is a core value for YVV on 30 June 2019.

Click on the links below to hear a little bit from the pulpit on our love for worship and why it is an integral part of our church life.

Part 1 | Lex & Paul Buckley | What is a Lifestyle of Worship? | 23 June 2019

Part 2 | Brad, Monica & Marlene | Why is Worship a Core Value for YVV? | 30 June 2019