Get Connected

We are excited to be in the process of implementing a church management system to help us stay connected and organised as a church.  Return to this page for updates!

Tithely – Church Giving

You can now securely Give Online using Yarra Valley Vineyard’s Church Management System.

The Giving Online button (below) or Tithely app are options to allow you to setup reoccurring giving or viewing your giving history.

See Tithely app information to learn how to download and use the Tithely app for your device.

Elvanto – Church Management System

You can use either the online link or the Elvanto app.

Read Elvanto App for information to learn how to access the Member Directory, Roster, and Songs.  You can view the video on the app to learn more too.

The app allows you to update your church roster availability, view and learn songs with more features being added soon!

Download either the Apple or Android App for your device and enter as the domain, then enter your email address and password.

Tithely – Admin

Admin link for  Tithely


Church Members

How members can search and join a life group (life groups have all had the group finder enabled in the admin settings)

Life Group Leaders

How admins can enable group finder for their members and set specific restrictions

How to setup a group to accept applications from members

How to track group attendance

Church Staff and Life Group Coordinators

Small Group Overview, Categories, Notifications

Service Planning and Service Types

Volunteer Rostering Pt. 1 – Departments and Service Settings

Volunteer Rostering Pt. 2 – Volunteer tab, Teams, and Edit Multiple

Volunteer Rostering Pt. 3 – Unavailability and Swap & Replace

Overview of People Flows

Events & Forms Pt. 1 – Free Events and Basics of Forms

Events + Forms Pt. 2 – Paid Events, Event Settings, and Payment Options

Overview of Assets

Overview of Calendars

Overview of Needs

Tithely Admin

Part 1: People Categories, Status, and Demographics or People Pt. 1 – Adding People, People Categories, and Profiles

Part 2: Department, Locations, Groups & Services or People Pt. 2 – People Views and Member Directories

Part 3: Final Settings, Pastoral Care & Access Permissions or Access Permissions, Restrictions and Lockdowns (if they are managing these for others in the system)

ChMS Account Setup Videos:

Sending Log In Details to People in ChMS


Batches, Transactions and Pledges // How to Add a Transaction

Batches, Transactions and Pledges // How to Mass Manage Transactions

Batches, Transactions and Pledges // How to Add a Batch

Batches, Transactions and Pledges // How to Set Up Chart of Accounts

Reporting // Giving Statements: Templates, Publishing, Emailing, and Printing

Managing the Numbers // Built-In Reports


  • Join and Serve in a Team
  • Be a part of a Life Group
  • Sign in your children and youth at our gatherings
  • Plan ahead for upcoming events with our Calendar
  • Check Rosters with one easy click
  • Service Planning
  • Life Group Coordination and Communication
  • Communication with ease for all Teams
  • Secure Giving Options
  • See Tithely FAQ’s for more info