Listen to Sermons from Yarra Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Reading the Times With Voices From The Wider Church + short url to Pete Hughes and Jay Pathak’s message

Being the Church: For Such a Time as This

Introducing Alan Scott – Jesus Healing the Sick + short url to Alan’s message

Finding Strength In the Lord

Knowing God Worshipping in Spirit and Truth

Resurrection — and Why it Matters

YVV COVID-19 Response

Russell’s Life Message

Kingdom Citizens

Reflections of 50 Years Following Jesus

Kingdom Relationships

Life Groups Launch 2020

Suffering Pain and the Presence of God

Control What You Should

The Light Of Christmas

Christmas Is Political

Sermon Notes

Generosity, Joy and Celebration

The Joy of Generosity

God’s Restoration

Generous Living at YVV 2019

Generous Living, Festival of Giving

Gotta serve somebody

Prepare your provisions

Courage and the Nearness of God

The Elephant in the Room

Creating a Conversational Relationship

Jesus – My Father, Our Father

Real news – our God reigns!

God of the unexpected

Sacred Pathways

Take courage to connect to Compassion

This Is Us – Being a preview community

What legacy am I leaving behind?

Worship panel as a core value Pt.2

Paul & Lex Buckley share on worship Pt.1

Partnering with the Holy Spirit

Be filled with the Spirit

Making a Difference (Matthew 5:1-16)

Don’t neglect the horizontal

Sin is more serious for those who should know better (Amos 2:2-16)

Revelation, Vindication, Liberation

God’s Timing & Provision @ Work

The Three Crosses Talk – Jesus Forgives and More

Love will bring them home

Healing ways & ditching why’s