Life Groups

Why Join a Life Group?

We cherish our Sundays together with our large YVV family, joining in fellowship, worshipping our powerful God and receiving inspiring teaching. However, it’s often easy to feel disconnected or “lost in the crowd” at our larger gatherings.

That’s where Life Groups come in. They provide opportunities to develop closer connections and to grow personally and spiritually in smaller, less formal spaces. The value of “doing life together”, forging deeper relationships, supporting one another through prayer and prophecy, and exploring scripture side by side can’t be underestimated.

When you’re part of a dynamic Life Group, you know it!

Our Groups

At YVV, we hope to see everyone participating in Life Groups. We are home to a diverse range of groups, with their own unique emphases and rhythms. Some groups may gear themselves toward families, others toward singles and others toward new Christians.  One group may meet once a month, another once a week. A group may focus primarily on prayer, or prophecy and healing, while another focuses on Bible study and discussion.  All of these aspects reflect God’s Kingdom. We encourage all in the YVV family to seek out a group suitable to their situation in life, where they can experience a genuine sense of belonging. We also love to see people start new groups, with new emphases, to enable more and more at YVV to participate.