Life Groups

Life Groups are very intentional about nurturing people in their Christian walk.
A lot of community life happens outside the walls of the church building when we grow, share, and serve together. Life Groups are one of the primary ways relationships are built in the Vineyard. At YVV, ‘Life Groups’ is used as an umbrella term. It covers most any way people choose to gather and relate on a regular basis, because we simply want to affirm the pursuit of people growing in relationship together.
Some groups might fall into the category of a Special Interest or Service group (e.g. a walking group, a music team). Some groups might fall into the category of an Equipping or Training group (e.g. Alpha Course).
Alongside these are our Home Groups. To help us all grow, share and serve together, we especially encourage people to find a Home Group. Here we share our life stories, joys, and sorrows – not to mention meals – with the people in our groups.
We want to help you find a Life Group right for you.
For more information, contact the office. We will be able to help you with resources, training and any questions you may have in regards to running a group.
See the YVV Life groups brochure for details on current groups at YVV.
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