Breakthrough moments

Here’s a prayer for you to pray:

“God, make me a person of influence. Let my life carry as much light as I can contain.

Put me in the highest place of influence I can carry in this life so I can bring the most light.

I wasn’t made to be hidden under a bowl; I was made to shine brightly from the greatest position You dreamed of for me.

I pray that You would deliver me from the desire to be small or hidden from fear of pride or influence. Let me not have false humility, which the wrong kind of religion brings, but let me have joy in shining Your reputation through me.

Help me to not limit myself because of what I don’t have in skill, talent, education, or charisma, and help me to be limited by Your spirit within me, which has no limitations! Let influence be part of my life whether I am known by many or by few.

Let my life influence others in times when it feels like I’m in prison and in times of reigning, like Joseph’s.

Let my significance not come from who I get to be but from who You are in me.

I pray that I would be able to see that being a temple of Your spirit means I have to honour Your influence through me and not try to back away from it or take credit for it.

I pray that You would help me to see my life as a container of grace for others.

Even as Your Holy Spirit lives in me, I ask You, Holy Spirit to be a counsellor, comforter, and friend through me to the world around me.

Give me all the influence my life can hold so I can see You get Your great reward, Jesus. Amen.”

 Bolz, Shawn. Breakthrough: Prophecies, Prayers & Declarations