Our Elders

Di Hocking
Sharee & Simon Gaiser
Lola & Rob Carter
Dee & Steve Kaylock
Rick & Dianne Rayner
Renee Benner
Anne & Ron Matheson *

* Update: Ron and Anne Matheson’s role as Elders

Ron and Anne have had a faithful, long-standing commitment to the life and ministry of YVV, since the church was planted in 1996. They have contributed and served YVV for many years in significant leadership roles with great character and maturity. They have followed the call of Jesus on their lives with consistent, sacrificial, servant leadership.

The call on their lives has increased their time in Uganda, and it is our joy to support, pray and encourage the work God has given them. When they are in Australia, they continue to worship, serve and lead among us. Ron and Anne are true Biblical Elders, and demonstrate godly wisdom, experience and insight.

As they are in Uganda for large sections of the year, I have invited Ron and Anne to remain as YVV Elders and be part of an Advisory Team, as an active part of our current Eldership.

The Advisory role acknowledges they will continue to exercise the Elder role, in a way that God has gifted them, but serving in an Advisory capacity, due to their location.

From July 1, 2019 Ron and Anne will be serving as Elders in an Advisory Team, offering their prayer, insight and wisdom as part of the life and function of our current Eldership. Ron and Anne will receive communication from our YVV Elder meetings, and will be invited to any full Elder meetings when they are in Australia.

This role will be reviewed with the Lead Pastor, at the end of June 2020, or as needed.