YVV Vision and Values


To reach our world for Jesus by growing in faith, offering hope and acting in love.


1.  Loving God through a life-style of worship
The greatest commandment according to Jesus is to Love God with all of our heart, soul mind and strength.  We believe that expressing Love towards God in these ways is called worship. Our aim then is to live a life that practically loves God with everything we are and everything we do.
2.  Investing in relationships is essential
We believe that we are called to be a community not a congregation. We were created to live in relationship with one another. Therefore it is essential that all of us intentionally invest in relationships with people in a way that helps us live out our faith in Jesus and demonstrates His love to those around us.
3.  Using spiritual gifts to build others up

God gives each of His followers certain gifts for the purpose of giving Him glory and building others up. When God empowers these special abilities we are able to serve each other and our world in amazing ways.

4.  Engaging the next generations

Jesus developed a model of ministry that needs to be passed on to the next-generations in a way that involves them today. We want to serve them in a way that develops their heart for God and their abilities in culturally relevant ways. We want to always be encouraging people to find ways of loving God and others in a life-style that is effective to reach their generation.

5.  Developing servant-leaders

God’s model of leadership is always as a servant-leader. Jesus took on the nature of a servant in order to lead people to His Father. We believe that one of our roles is helping people to become both better servants and leaders, which reflect the heart and mission of God.

6.  Sacrificing for God’s mission

We are called to be committed to God’s mission of love in our world. It is impossible to fulfil that mission without cost. We believe that God deserves our time, talents, money, resources, and in fact everything we have. This sacrificial style of giving is in response to His ultimate sacrifice for us and the world we endeavour to serve. YVV seeks to utilise these resources in ways that glorifies God and fulfils His mission in the world.

7.  Caring for those in need
Jesus modelled a life-style of meeting the needs of those around Him. Whether it is spiritual, physical, financial or emotional need, we are called to continue this ministry in our world.
8.  Depending on God in prayer

We know that we are charged with a task that is wholly dependent on God. We want to seek God for everything. Not only out of our dependence, but out of our love for Him.