What is a “Vineyard” Church?

On one hand you could say Vineyard churches are like most Christian Churches, on the other hand you could say it is ‘church like you haven’t seen it before!’ Vineyard churches are based on the same beliefs as the more traditional churches, however, we like to ‘do church’ in a way that makes sense in our current culture. Our music tends to be new and fresh (and sometimes loud!) We prefer to relate in a relaxed and simple way. We want to be a community in the same way Jesus established community with His disciples and that continued to develop in the early Church of the New Testament. We also place a huge value on being ‘real’ with one another, and look for God to do very real and supernatural works among us.

Our History

The Vineyard Movement began with just a few churches in America some twenty years ago. It has now grown to include more than 1200 churches in 65 different countries throughout the world. The Vineyard Australia was established in the mid-nineties and YVV was one of the first Vineyard churches in Australia.  If you would like more information about Vineyard churches in Australia please follow this link


Our Vision

Our Life at YVV is centred on encountering Jesus in Worship, Teaching and all the One-Another stuff of close-community in our small groups and church life. In Jesus we find Healing, Freedom, a Purpose for Life and are Equipped to serve Him in the world. In response we serve God in our scattered life through all the opportunities He gives us in our local community and natural networks.

Our Focus is on the Kingdom of God. This means we don’t sit and wonder how we can get God’s activity to fill our programs or grow our church. Rather we seek out what He is doing in our region so that in our lives as believers we can get on board and serve that.  

Our Vision sees the meeting place as the training place for the market place. You will find YVV to be a place where you can get encouraged equipped by the Holy Spirit to serve him in the community of the church and in the world.

Our Call at YVV is to be:
  • A Church to call Home – to grow in, to find family in, to find healing in, to go out from and return to, and to find Jesus in
  • A Church for the Region – occupying the region God has set us in with the compassion and message of Jesus
  • A Church for the Vineyard family – YVV is part of an Australia-wide and international family of Vineyard fellowships.  YVV seeks to be an agency
    of blessing and encouragement among our sister churches and beyond.
  • A Church for the World – At YVV it is our privilege to help prepare, support and receive a number of people who serve God’s mission cross-culturally and overseas
Our Mission 
is to glorify Jesus by being and making disciples-who-make-disciples in all the ways that Jesus taught.

What we believe

Please download our full Doctrinal Statement